Annie Hall pants – Vogue 8628‬

FINALLY!  A finished project from me!  I’m sure you’ve all been anxiously awaiting the appearance of something (anything!) that I’ve actually completed at some point.  Well, that time is now!

Annie Hall Pants! Vogue 8628

The pattern in question here is Vogue 8628, from… some point in the 1970’s.  Vogue didn’t like to date their patterns at that point, so it’s really anyone’s guess, but Annie Hall came out in 1977, and the pattern illustration on the envelope is CLEARLY Diane Keaton, so we’ll go with sometime between ’77 and ’78.

Annie Hall Pants! Vogue 8628

It’s a Very Easy Vogue pattern, and very easy is pretty much an understatement.  These pants have two seams (the inseams), cuffs, a fly-front zip and a waistband.  That’s it.  That’s all she wrote.  The pattern I have has a 28” waist, 38” hip, which I cut straight to size.  In the future, I would be inclined to shorten the rise by about a half-inch and cut the waistband itself just a hair longer, since I’m a shorty and these hit me riiiiiiiiiiight below my lowest rib, which is a little awkward.  I’d rather they fall further into the part of me that squishes.  😛

Annie Hall Pants! Vogue 8628

The fabric is lavender plaid gabardine suiting from Chicago’s Textile Discount Outlet.  If I could get more, I’d have gotten more already, but alas.   At least I have enough left to make myself a coordinating vest?

Annie Hall Pants! Vogue 8628

Easy though these were, it definitely took me a year of hemming and hawing before I actually *finished* them.  Mostly, they stayed as two folded, separate legs on my sewing table for ages, while I tried to decide whether or not they’d fit me once I’d finished them.  In the meantime, however, I did make ANOTHER pair of them (albeit with some ridiculous modifications) as part of Sally Ride’s flight suit.  Which is also a burlesque costume.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Annie Hall Pants! Vogue 8628 Annie Hall Pants! Vogue 8628

And of course, to recap:

Pants: Vogue 8628, made by me.

Shirt: Vintage!  From Belmont Army.

Belt: I have no idea.  Not vintage.

Shoes: Liz Claiborne.  From the Village Discount Outlet.  (DEFINITELY from the 90’s, but they masquerade well.)

OOH!  EDITED to say: This is also the first garment I finished for my not-quite-official first foray into the Vintage Pattern Pledge!

Photos taken by the wonderful, long-suffering Manfriend, edited by me (Singing Raven Photography)!

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