The slowest money-making apps ever (and why they’re great!)

The slowest money-making apps (and why that makes them awesome!)

If you’re like me, a creatively-based freelancer, you’re already inundated with the things you have to do.  We get to be our own boss, maybe, but also our own accountant, maid, cheerleading squad, sometimes our own mother, chiding ourselves to just get the heck out of bed while it’s still morning.

And, despite the fact that we’ve basically earned our MBA from the University of Life… no one really wants to give adequate compensation for artists.  So, you know, a lot of us are freaking poor.

You’ve already heard how I feel about side hustles.  If you’re a creative entrepreneur, they’re usually a waste of time and valuable energy, with little return.  So… what do you do when you need an extra buck?  After wading through the swamps of “online money-making” blogs during my years of underemployment and wishful thinking, I’ve really come down to two apps that require… basically zero effort, but give me a hand now and again.

The first one is Receipt Hog. (This is not an affiliate/referral link.  Receipt Hog does not offer a referral bonus in North America, currently.  I’m literally sharing this with you just because they’re that awesome.)  You earn points for documenting your receipts.  As a self-employed human, you should be doing this anyway, so it sets you back zero effort.  Receipts are given a value of points to redeem for cash or Amazon gift codes, spins to use in the Hog Slots, entries into a monthly lottery drawing, or, most frequently, a combination of the above.  It does take a hot minute to earn the points necessary to cash out, but they’re quick and reliable with payment processing.

The other app is especially handy for those of us who are dancers or other physical arts-based folk.  (Or those of us in industries that base employment opportunities on body type, no matter how crap that system is.)  This app is Achievemint.  (This one *is* a referral link.  Use it and get 300 bonus points!)  They give you points, redeemable for cash, for working out, logging food/water intake, and more.  This app can be configured to sync with your iPhone, fitbit, or any one of several other health/fitness apps.  The payout threshold is 10,000 points which, again, takes some time to hit.

Neither of these apps are good for a so-called quick buck, but both are incredibly reliable and easy to use.  Put them in your phone today so you can treat yourself down the road.

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