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As you have probably gathered at some point, my name is Raven Gemini, and I am the creator/curator of Revisionist Vintage.  My love of vintage fashion and culture has come from a long, slow process of eschewing modern society to the point where I now basically live in the dystopian 1970’s, where ARPAnet wasn’t used as a military tool, but rather a force for social congregation.  I’d love it if you’d join me.

I am a full-time freelance-everything, and spend my days feverishly sewing, hamming it up onstage with Chicago-based burlesque troupe Vaudezilla! art modeling for numerous Chicagoland art institutions, and photographing you (yes, YOU) for Singing Raven Photography.  Among things.  I’m two parts chameleon and one part afraid of commitment, and, at least for now, I’m entirely ok with that.

I am occasionally joined in my ventures by my cat, Cat (his name is actually Sinatra, but that’s way too many syllables for a cat), and my manfriend, Kenneth.  He takes most of the pictures on this blog that contain me. (I’m the visual-editor-in-chief, and I take the photos that contain things that are not me.)

If you find that you enjoy my ridiculous adventures and the occasional lightning-strikes of insight they provide, please consider becoming one of my patrons on Patreon.  You’ll get additional access to my life and work, all while assisting me in the creation of new acts, new designs, and new adventures!

Questions?  Drop me a line at raven.gemini@hotmail.com

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