Roadtrip in Miss Candyfloss

I’m a bit late on posting this (I’ll explain why in my next post!), but on January 21st, I bundled into Mama Disco’s sparkle wagon along with my partner, Monterrey Jacques, Mister Twister Maximus Sinsation, and Faye LaVerte (holy stage names, Batman), and headed up to Madison, Wisconsin.  Our mission?  To basically form half the cast of the Sunday Bumday burlesque revue.  I wanted to be comfy for the three hour ride from Chicago, but I also wanted to be super cute when we got there, because what can I say?  I like to make an impression.  So I made the natural choice and picked this delightful teal jumpsuit from Miss Candyfloss.

A little background on this jumpsuit first.  I’ve been coveting it for… about a year at this point.  When I was in Alaska last March for the Freezing Tassel Burlesque Festival, I was so blown away by Sailor St. Claire wearing this jumpsuit in the burgundy colorway, that I secretly took pictures of her butt in the audience.  (Sailor, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry.  But also not sorry.  Your fashion choices changed my life.)  I finally bought it for myself as a birthday present in October.

It took me a bit to get around to wearing it (probably December?) because I literally had to cut six inches off the bottom and re-do the hem.  Miss Candyfloss is Swedish designed and made in Transylvania, and my only explanation is that you central-European gals have *got* to be way taller than poor little 5’3’’ me.  In the end, I think I hemmed it just a bit too short, and so I might rip it out and re-do it *again,* but it’s good enough for now.

In any case, we drove up to Madison, pretended to be space people, took all our clothes off (well, I took all my clothes off.  Monterrey keeps his on for our duet.), and then hopped back into the sparkle wagon and drove back to Chicago.  And I was comfy the whole time.


The Look:

Hat- Simplicity 9644

Jumpsuit- Miss Candyfloss Gigi Jumpsuit

Boots- Euro Soft Phoebe boot


Bonus:  Performance stills from Sunday Bumday!  (Spoiler alert: NUDITY.  Partial nudity, but nudity nonetheless)      

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