OOTD November…8?

Yeah, I know.  It’s nowhere near November 8 today.  But this outfit was too good, and I was too proud of it to let it go unposted.

On November 8, I worked an extremely rare clothed art modeling session.  Rare because I got to wear clothes while I was working, not a rare modeling session.  (I did 64 of those this year!)  When I get to wear clothes during the session, I like to try to go all out with my outfit, and give the artists something fun.  Today was no exception.

This might actually be one of my favorite outfits, because I wear variations on it all the time.  The same leisure-suit pants and my hat, with a variety of button-downs. 

The Look:

Hat: Made by me!

Button-down: Vintage (from AST Salvage on Etsy)

Shell: Vintage (given to me by a friend)

Pants: Vintage (from Belmont Army Vintage)

Bonus:  Pretend that’s not my GIANT thumb in the corner, as I was trying to sneak this photo of an AWESOME (and larger than life-size) painting of me!

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