OOTD November 7

Tuesdays are notoriously difficult for me at the moment.  Most Tuesdays involve me driving to Columbia for 8:30 class, leaving at 12:30 and driving to Harper College to model for a 2pm class, and then driving BACK to Columbia for a 6:00 class.  I was lucky this week in that I did not have to go to Harper, but I still had to stay downtown to finish some pretty hefty midterm projects.  This was also day 5 of wearing a corset all day.


Right after I took these pictures, I unbuttoned the dress under the bust, took off the corset, and just wore the skirt open over my petticoat, because this was somewhere around hour 10 of my day and my ribs just couldn’t handle it anymore.  (You can kind of see it in my face in the pic below)


The Look:

Dress: Vintage!  It is an original, Mainbocher-designed Girl Scout uniform from the 1950’s

That… that’s it.

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