Obligatory Holiday Post

Happy holidays everyone!  I hope that you all are enjoying a pleasant Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/whatever you celebrate.  I’ll do a more in-depth post about this dress when I have time to do a full photoshoot, but I just couldn’t resist showing off a few teasers of my Christmas dress this year!

xmas hair

(JK, this is just my hair from Christmas day.)

xmas dress

The dress is Simplicity 4105, from 1952.  It’s got 10 (vintage) buttons and about half a mile’s worth of bias tape on it, and it was way less terrifying to put together than I anticipated.  I was panic-sewing some of the buttons on in the car on the way to Michigan from Chicago for the holidays, so I screwed up the placement of some of them near the waist, but I’ll fix that in short order.

The look:
Dress: Simplicity 4105

Shoes: Rampage

Turtleneck: H & M

Hat: Vintage

Fun fact:  I was going to make this dress for Christmas last year, but figured I wouldn’t have the time.  Thanks to Columbia College’s fashion design program, I procrastinated making this sucker until the night of the 21st, and it was in one piece (less the buttons and hem) by the morning of the 23rd, when I headed off to Michigan.

Also fun fact:  You might recognize the buttons from the header of this blog.  I got them from Uncle Winnie’s in East Tawas, MI.  They’re deadstock from an old sewing shop.

Last but not least:  I wasn’t just vintage-tastic on Christmas Day, I also masqueraded as Veronica Lake for Christmas Eve mass:

xmas eve pants

The look:
Pants: Vogue 8628

The same turtleneck as above.

Necklace: Who knows!  It was from my mother for my birthday!

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