ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise

Let me preface this by saying:  I totally should not have made this purchase.  I’m two months behind paying my rent, so buying cute clothes is so not my priority right now.  But I cannot, but cannot resist a mystery box.  So here we are.

I heard through the grapevine (I’m a ModCloth affiliate, so I get emails from time to time suggesting we promote certain things) that the Stylish Surprise was coming back this year.  I had a friend who had good experiences with it last year, so I decided, what the heck, and ordered myself a dress and shoes.

For the unfamiliar, the Stylish Surprise is a way for ModCloth to clear out their inventory.  You specify your size, plunk down your money ($20 for dresses, $15 for separates, $10 for shoes or accessories), and they send you a box full of mystery goodies.

ModCloth stylish surprise order form

I had zero expectations for this to turn out well, but I did think, being a medium with 6.5 size feet, I’d have the best odds at getting something cute with the dresses and shoes.  This is actually the first purchase I’ve ever made with ModCloth, though I’ve browsed and pined often enough.


Let me tell you, the Stylish Surprise did not disappoint.

ModCloth shipping box

Even the shipping box is cute.  Come on guys!

ModCloth Stylish Surprise box

The box, opened.  There’s a bird dress in here, you guys.  A. Bird. Dress.  For a girl called Raven.  It’s like they knew.

ModCloth bird dress neckline detail

Neckline detail of THE BIRD DRESS.  Also, it’s fully lined.  Also, IT HAS POCKETS.  Also, it has a lapped zip and vintage sensibilities and a cute navy belt.  I’m so thrilled.  I may never take it off.  (The kitchen counter and my iPhone were the photographer/art director for this shoot, just FYI)

Raven Gemini in ModCloth bird dress


Unboxed Dolce Nome boots

I have been pining away for a pair of cute little victorian-style booties for ages and ages, and here they are, at my door, for ten dollars.  I’ve literally paid more for shoes at the thrift store.  I didn’t wear them for long last night, but they seem pretty comfy, so I have high hopes.

Raven Gemini in Dolce Nome boots

Yes, my ankles are unrealistically tiny.  No, the openings to these boots are not wide.  They are what I imagine normal bootie openings should be.  Also, consider my back-to-school shopping finished.

Both of these items are totally sold out/gone on ModCloth’s website, but if you’re grooving on the cut of the dress, they currently have it in a way cool galaxy print.


P.S.  Of course those links to ModCloth are affiliate links.  I totally told you at the top of this post that I’m a ModCloth affiliate.  No, they didn’t compensate me in any way for making this post or for buying their cute clothes, I just did those things because I’m a happy customer.

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