Love in the time of Corona

I think it’s safe to say that the last month or so has been a roller coaster for just about everyone.  Shelter-in-place means no jobs for me, and I’m not what you’d call an “adaptable” person, just by virtue of… probably being autistic, and therefore processing things much differently than other people.  (Please note:  I’ve never been diagnosed, and when I brought it up to my therapist, her first response was “you don’t seem like someone who’s autistic” followed by me rattling off a litany of symptoms, ranging from my inability to look people in the eye when I’m speaking to them, to my extreme touch-aversion, to my inability to translate my own emotions into words/identify them via language, to my significant executive functioning issues, to my very specific food texture/flavor issues, to my tendency to get sucked into a very tight orbit around some very niche interests… anyway, the list was very long, and at the end of it, she just went “well… maybe I was wrong.”)

Anyway, it took me a solid 4 weeks to adapt properly to my change of schedule, during which time I basically sat in my bed and played phone games all day (Hello, Merge Dragons), but when I was finally able to come up for air, I had an idea.

I’ve had an Etsy shop for about ten years, due to a past proclivity for buying vintage patterns in estate lots, which meant boxes and boxes and BOXES of things that I had absolute zero interest in/need for.  During that time, I’ve been slowly destashing these patterns (they fill three drawers of an IKEA dresser.  In my studio apartment.  But I’ve never been really… motivated about it.  I managed to list about 200 patterns several years ago and then sort of just… stopped.  It took too long to photograph, and edit, and catalogue, and list everything, so I just stopped bothering and accepted that I would just own 800 terrible 80’s patterns forever.

But since I’ve been stuck in my house, and increasingly desperate to decrease the relative density of things I own (because I cannot get rid of THE FUCKING MOTHS, and they’re threatening my clothes), I’ve been cataloguing and listing patterns on Etsy every single day of quarantine (well, at least for the past two weeks).  And I’m aiming to catalog and list 5 patterns every single day until we’re allowed to do other things again.  And I’ve found some really cute things.  Like these vintage kid patterns!  Who doesn’t want to dress their kid up like it’s 1976?

And, of course, because I’m also spending a lot of time sitting in bed playing phone games and furtively murmuring to myself “I need to change my entire life”, I’ve also been attempting to make at least some tiny, insignificant effort to look fancy when I do get to go outside.  For our (mostly) daily constitutional to obtain coffee from my favorite (and brilliantly socially-distanced) coffeeshop, Beans and Bagels.  As you can see, in six weeks, I’ve managed exactly 3 days of being fancy.  But it’s better than nothing?

I’m sure I’ll manage to find something else to write about soon.  Maybe.  What day is it again?

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