The Last Cold Day of Spring

no mink this time

2018 has been a banner year for me.  In 2017, I made $12,337.  (Yes, that’s an exact figure.)  In 2018, so far, I’ve made $9,264.  It’s May.  In my terms, I’m doing really, really well.  I could tell you what the contributing factors to that are, but that’s probably a different post.

The point is, I’ve been making a ton of money, as far as my life goes, but I’ve also been working like an absolute crazy person.  So I thought I’d get myself a little present to be nice to myself after all the prodding and late nights and hot glue burns.  So I bought this dress from Dethrose Vintage on Etsy.

full-length view of the dress

The irony here is that Dethrose Vintage is based here in Chicago, and I probably could have sent her a message going “Hey, so I live in your city, and I really love this dress, can I just, you know, meet you somewhere and pick it up and save myself $10 in shipping?”  But I’m heady with the promise of a full bank account and… also kind of an introvert, so I didn’t do that.  I plunked down $10 shipping for her to put it in an envelope and mail it… probably next door.

The dress is a 50’s wool dress, tag reads “Gracette”.  She’s got a little green overall pattern, not dissimilar to atomic fleck (but not actually atomic fleck).  She’s in pretty good condition, with a tiny hole/snag/place where the threads have just pulled away from each other a little bit, near the side zip at the waistline.  She makes my boobs look fantastic.  My boobs make her look fantastic.  I’m living out my Arlene Francis-casually-flirting-with-Bennett-Cerf fantasies.  (…forget I said that.)

another full length view of the dress

When she appeared on my doorstep, it was approximately .05 seconds from the time when the temperatures suddenly decided “oh, it’s summer” and somehow after 6 months of 30-degree temperatures, Chicago was a balmy 85 degrees.  But on Friday, the mercury plunged below 60 and I literally yelled “Now’s my chance!   If I don’t wear it now, it’ll sit in my closet til September!”

Photos taken by my never-patient-enough-with-a-camera partner, Monterrey Jacques.

Raven Gemini and Monterrey Jacques, together again for the first time.

Shoes are 1950’s Florsheims (bought specifically because Florsheim manufactured shoes in Chicago) from Racked Vintage on Etsy.  The vintage mink stole was a gift from my mother.  The hat was a gift from Red Hot Annie, and is ambiguously vintage 1950’s also.  The setting is the courtyard of my apartment building, which was built in the 20’s, and you can see the cute little Orientalist-inspired pavilion at the head of the courtyard.  (It’s maybe my favorite part of the building)

I look pensive, but I just wanted to show off the hat look at that courtyard Raven Gemini in vintage mink

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