I’ve been gone a long, long time

Surprise!  I’m sure you thought this blog was dead.  Hardly.  We were just getting started!  Maybe that’s the drawback that comes with doing things when you’ve just been put on antidepressants and feel like a superhuman.  You start literally a million things, and then you start to feel like a real human and you wonder how the hell you expected to keep up on everything.  I haven’t really been around for the last year or so, for a variety of reasons… feeling like a tepid bowl of oatmeal, taking on a million too many projects, not having internet in my house anymore.  The usual.  (Lol, who doesn’t have internet in their house?  What is this, 2003?)

I still feel like a tepid bowl of oatmeal.  I’m still spread WAY too thin.  I still have no internet in my house (since FEBRUARY!), but I’m kind of invested in giving this another go.  Call me crazy, but I’m trying to get rid of some of the excuses I’ve been living underneath lately.  And I’ve got all kinds of new adventures cropping up!

For one, I went back to school.  WHAT.  I know.  I’m pairing my useless theatre degree with an equally useless degree in fashion design, as if they were a box of Franzia and a wheel of gorgonzola.  But it’s, you know, applicable to this blog.  Long term goals include finishing this degree and getting into the Masters of Textile Conservancy program at FIT.  Pipe dreams include becoming a couturier, because, why the hell not?  My life currently involves a butt-ton of classes and politely but repeatedly asking if I can live in Columbia’s Fashion Study Collection.

For two, I have mentioned that I’m a burlesque performer, right?  If not, SURPRISE!  I’m a sparkly, underpaid stripper!  And I’m lucky enough to have developed an act that no one’s ever thought of before.  (like, seriously guys, this literally never happens.  Everything’s been done before.  Except this.)  And because I have an act that is actually, I don’t know, *unique*, it gets accepted to every burlesque festival I apply to.  So… I’m going to Anchorage in March.  Freaking ALASKA.

Raven Gemini and Monterrey Jacques at the Ohio Burlesque Festival

(Hint: This is the thing no one’s ever done before.  It involves FLOATING.  In SPACE.  Except Space is a dude.)

So… there are a lot of things in the cards for me right now.  Balancing being a student, being an adult, working in a ridiculous industry, being self-employed, raising money to GET TO ALASKA (because it’s not cheap.  What was I thinking?) and generally trying to change the world one vintage garment at a time.  If you want to go on that journey with me, strap in, because I have a feeling it’s going to be kind of a bumpy ride.

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