In progress: Simplicity 6946

My most recent project in progress was Simplicity 6946.  (I’ve actually since finished them, but I haven’t taken finished photos yet!  Shame on me!)  I inherited several cuts of fabric from a fellow performer and friend, including a few coordinating cuts of patterned cotton twill that had been purchased to make pillows.  I saw this as a personal challenge, and set out to squeeze the loudest-patterned shorts I’ve ever owned out of approximately a half-yard of fabric. 

The pattern I chose for this particular fabric was Simplicity 6946, view 3.  I definitely want to go back and make view 2 as well, but I definitely didn’t have enough fabric for them this time around.

As you can kind of see from the photos, I barely squeezed the main pieces out of my fabric.  The waistband and flaps were cut from one of the coordinating prints.


Once I take finished photos, I’ll tell you a little more about the changes I made in the construction of these shorts.  It should probably be noted that, with some of the modifications I made, they kind of ended up more as hot pants than shorts, but the 70’s glam diva in me just sort of went with it.

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