Commitment, who needs it?

You really don’t hear much about girls who have problems with commitment, do you?  After all, that’s supposed to be what we want, right?  What we’re wired for?

Then again, I never pretended I was wired like most other women.  (“I’m not like other girls.” *barf*)  I really never wanted anyone else in my life.  I *emphatically* do not want children.  I have a cat who is almost too much responsibility for me.  The traditional American 9-to-5 lifestyle literally actually makes me sick. (it took several years of daily panic attacks and several hundred hours crying on the phone to my dad to figure that out.  Oops.)

Maybe you could see this aversion to commitment coming, due in no small part to my inability to commit to a regular post schedule, dependable photoshoots, or even a solid theme.  But, honestly, it’s a little bit of a surprise to me.  I guess it makes sense.  Got my degree in theatre, did that for a few years, dabbled in photography, did that for a few years, became a costumer, doing that for a bit.  Strippin’.  But I can never commit to a rehearsal schedule.  Art modeling, this year.

I mean, I don’t even want to be tied down to a specific decade in fashion.  I love the 70’s, but sometimes I want floofy dresses and corsets, and sometimes I just want to rat my hair all to hell and listen to metal.

Rock chick Raven Vintage Raven

(These photos were not both taken in the same week… but they could have been!)

Maybe that’s ok.  I’m working to embrace my chameleon nature.  But it’s awful hard to get ahead when you aren’t really even sold that what you’re doing today is something you’ll want to do tomorrow.


How do you feel about commitment?  Am I a weirdo for being the way I am?

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