Columbia College has eaten my soul

Right about now, you’re probably going “but this is a vintage fashion blog, what the heck are you talking about money for?”  Which, ok, valid.  I’m on a bit of a personal journey with that one, which I’d love for you to come with me on, because, you know, creatives like us tend to find ourselves in situations where there is way too much demand for the finite resources we have.

But where else have I been these many moons?  I’ve been sucking my soul away at Columbia College.  I love it.  I’m doing it willingly.  Fashion and art and creation and designing is fun.  But I’m SLAMMED.  Seriously.  There are three weeks left in the semester and in that time I have to finish 5 hats, design a 10-piece collection (one piece of which I will actually have to sew a sample of), create a completely different garment using specific textile treatments we’ve discussed in class, make an entire pair of pants for my garment creation class, and also design outfits (and illustrate the accompanying 6 croquis) for a fictional celebrity client for my illustration class.  Oh, and also work like a normal adult.  You know.  Like you do.

So… I’m going to say some nice things about my illustrations for class, because I’ve had to do SO MANY of them, a lot of them are kind of vintage, and there are pretty pictures.


This first one was the first illustration assignment we had.  We had to draw whatever our idea of a “fashion illustration” was.  At the time I did this, I was WAY proud of it.  I literally took two of my (zillions of) vintage pattern envelopes, picked pretty girls from the fronts, and did my best to replicate them.  I owned literally two markers (fleshtone and grey), I had no idea how to use them or how to shade or create depth or anything.

The first "fashion" illustration I ever did

This one came from an assignment for my fashion foundations class.  This was the first croquis I ever drew facing the back.  I still only owned three art markers.  (I bought the peachy pink specifically for this assignment)  Please note that I didn’t even attempt to color her hair or face.  Like, at all.  Also, I hate drawing flats, but these ones were ok.

Illustration and flats from a Mainbocher dress

*This* one was also for my fashion foundations class, but you can kind of see that things have been progressing.  We had to do a group project to design a handbag.  Our target customer was kind of punky and androgynous, which was way more the illustration on the right and way less the one on the left.  Note the fact that I finally bought some f*king markers.

my illustrations, top right

This one is me.  It’s literally just me.  I drew me in Paul Landers’ stage costume from the Made in Germany tour. (I mean, Paul wasn’t wearing saucy stockings and shorts, but…)

Snuck myself into an illustration

…And then there’s the Mackie.  She’s going in my portfolio, I’m so damn proud of her.  She’s a copy of a Bob Mackie illustration, and so many things started to make sense as I was working.  Shading, faces, embellishment, the fact that she looks somewhat more like a muscular dancer girl instead of the typical shapeless waif in a fashion drawing.

Aside from her, I’m still having some difficulty with faces of my own.  I’m still trying to figure out the eye shape and expressions that I like.  I had to borrow a white paint pen from my teacher to make the crystals on her costume.  But things make a little more sense, and I also have an incredible sense of accomplishment from finishing her.

Copy of Bob Mackie illustration


…Beyond that, I’m really just sticking my head in the sand (well, and drooling over ModCloth’s Embolden Age Jumpsuit) and trying to get through the next three weeks.   Maybe soon I’ll have the bandwidth to talk about the fashion study collection!


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