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I’ve been busy busy working on a costume commission for my dear burly-q friend Gin Fizz these past few weeks, but I wanted to take a moment and check in/stop looking at the zillion yards of hunter green velvet I’ve been buried in.

During the summer, the same day as my shoot for the Vogue 8628 pants I posted about earlier, I also dolled myself up in my summery pin-up best, and it’s only just now occurring to me that I never posted about *that* look!

While the majority of my posts here at Revisionist Vintage are intended to be sewing related, I also have a small-but-mighty collection of *actual* vintage clothing, which I integrate into my wardrobe fairly frequently, as well as curating more modern clothes to achieve a vintage style.  I’d love to share those looks with you also, as a reminder that you don’t necessarily have to have a bin of patterns and the sewing skill of the house of Worth to make yourself stand out as a vintage weirdo like me.

Raven Gemini for Revisionist Vintage Raven Gemini for Revisionist Vintage

Case in point:  None of the things I am wearing in these photos are vintage.  The high-waist shorts were a Kohl’s find YEARS ago (like, 2008 maybe) and the halter is the kind you can find in literally any department store in the summertime.

Raven Gemini for Revisionist Vintage Raven Gemini for Revisionist Vintage

What made this look was the longline corset I’m wearing underneath it all.  It’s pretty obvious in the two above photos.  (If I were wearing this look again, I would choose the corset that doesn’t sit so low on my hips, to avoid that weird hipline,)  If you’re in the market for a good, affordable corset, my first choice is always Orchard Corset.

Styling also helps, of course.  I’ve had plenty of experience with victory rolls, since I wear them onstage most weekends, but there are tons of great tutorials on Youtube to get you started with your own fabulous vintage hairstyles!

Raven Gemini for Revisionist Vintage

I almost scuffed my shoe for this shot, but it was worth it.

If you’re looking to experiment with pin-up style looks for yourself, there is a lovely series of books out there to get you started.  It’s called Style Me Vintage and there are separate books for hair, makeup, vintage-fashion curation, and more!  I’ve got the makeup and style books, and I found them to be an amazing resource when I was first starting out on my vintage style journey.

Edited to say:  Thank you (as always) to Kenneth, my only-slightly-artistically-impatient boyfriend for taking these photos!


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