Blog feature: Retrofitting Vintage

Hello!  This is me popping by during an incredible drought procrastination spree to let you know that I have some really awesome friends who are, in fact, blogging regularly at the moment.

My friend Megan over at Retrofitting Vintage is in the midst of her month of vintage underwear, in which she challenges herself (and others!) to spend the month of November wearing vintage undergarments every day!  Being that I own exactly one panty-girdle, one open-bottom girdle, and a vintage longline bra that wouldn’t even dream of fitting me, I’m not personally participating this year, but vintage undergarments are of keen interest to me (as is vintage swimwear! But that’s a post for summertime.) and I encourage anyone who might be reading who also has an interest in vintage underthings to take a peek at her blog, and see how you might be able to modify this challenge to suit your lifestyle.

In addition to vintage fashion, Megan is also a vintage lifestyle blogger, sharing all kinds of tips on how to capture the best things from days gone by, without miring ourselves in the cultural stuff we’d rather  not revisit.  She’s also a vegan, and has posted some great tips regarding adapting vintage recipes to a vegan lifestyle.  (Vintage vegan pies, anyone?)



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