100 Things and The Doctor

This past weekend, for those of us in the Chicagoland area, was C2E2. Don’t get too excited, I didn’t go. But it does make me think about the prevalence of conventions of this sort. About a month ago, I got a call from a friend of mine in Seattle. As it turned out, Peter Capaldi was going to be at Emerald City Comic Con, and she *really* wanted to cosplay as his TARDIS. So, could I maybe be convinced to make this vision of hers a reality?

Twelfth Doctor Cosplay test

Duh. Yes.

The vision was simple enough. All she was looking for from me was a TARDIS-blue velvet jacket and matching fascinator on which to perch a TARDIS lamp, which my friend poured herself in resin. After looking at my time and budgetary constraints, I determined that the easiest thing for me to do would be to raid my pattern cabinet in hopes of finding something I could suitably adjust for the jacket. I was in luck.

Something about the plaid illustration suggests this thing is going to look absolutely comical when finished, but I was basically able to make the pattern with no major adjustments, save the omittance of pockets. It also doesn’t hurt that, for this particular project, my friend and I are somewhat similar in size and proportion.

Pattern cutting with my constant companion

As always, pattern cutting is accompanied by interruptions from my constant companion…

Twelfth Doctor Cosplay test

Then there was the little matter of the hat. Ashley had poured the TARDIS lamp in resin and it was fantastic! But how was I going to get it onto a hat?

I considered taking it to a jeweler and having holes drilled into the base so I could sew it on like a proper milliner, but in the end I ended up cheating and just using E6000. The hat, though, was constructed by hand, including a vintage detail I’m particularly proud of: the hat was built with a loop in the back, similar to vintage perching hats, to keep it from wobbling too much from side-to-side. This loop lives under the hairstyle and sort of hugs the back of the head, providing substantially more stability than just pinning the fascinator base to the top of the head.

Hat base in progress
TARDIS lamp hat base
TARDIS lamp hat test
Twelfth Doctor jacket and hat final

At the end of the day, the whole look came together with the Twelfth Doctor’s mismatched sleeve buttons, as you can see above.

This whole project is actually the second (and third) make for a little project I undertook for myself this year: creating 100 things over the course of the year. Do I think I’ll actually finish 100 garments? Probably not, but it’s a challenge designed for me to push myself to keep creating more things, both for myself, and for commissions. I’ll post make number 1 as soon as I get some proper photos of it, but for that, I need to book a real, fancy, model–photoshoot for myself. You can also follow my progress through 100 things on my Instagram

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